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Damsel In Distress


The Daily Riff 4/7/18

Again, this is personal 😉

Patron Of The Arts

Pretty snazzy title, huh? Want it? Lol, so here’s what’s happening, folks. I’ve got this brand new Patreon site and my first Patron – Thank You CB! I’m looking for more supporters and, yes, you’ll give me money. But you get some awesome stuff…

The Daily Riff 4/6/18

So, this one actually means something to me. But I’m not going to tell you until tomorrow 😉

The Daily Riff 4/4/18

So, just in case you’ve never done something like this, a riff while writing is taking something like a line of poetry or music and running with it. Like, run, run. Write as fast as you can, catching whatever comes up. No editing, no…