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The Daily Riff 4/10/18

Ah yes. I’m trying to post these earlier. Enjoy!

The Daily Riff 4-9-18

It’s (past) The Daily Riff time! I’ve gone a little happier direction today 😉 I’ve been very dark the last week or so. So here you go! In related news, I have my eye on the pirate expansion pack 😁😁😁

Far, Far Away: The Raven (pt1)

So, I meant to publish the whole thing, but it is getting kind of big, so I’m just going to let it out a bit at a time. After Damsel and the Riff, I’ve certainly gave you enough to read today. Sorry for the…

The Daily Riff 4/8/18

Time for the riff! And I’ll be posting the next part of Far, Far Away tonight and I’ll try to finish up Annie 😉

Damsel In Distress (actual story)

I am not evil. I am just a little twisted. But I am going to do something a little mean… Damsel In Distress There are certain things about Happily Ever After that require willful stupidity. It comes with a prince and a palace and…