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The Daily Riff 4/11/18

Time for the riff of the day! I need more words! Pirate pack is due tomorrow 😈

The Land of Far, Far Away

I am so sorry, guys, I’ve been extremely ill. Part one of my three part novella, The Land of Far, Far Away is finally up on Wattpad. Yes this does fit the forest theme, no you cannot find it elsewhere as this is an…

Book Suggestion – The Hazel Wood

So I’ve been too sick to post the last couple days. I’m still a bit out of it, but I wanted to give you all something. I’m a reader above all else, even writing. I’ve been doing it long enough and read enough books…

Getting Thin Chapter Two

Alrighty, here’s the deal. I’ll be posting one more of these freebie chapters next week. Getting Thin is only 0.99 and I hope that three chapters is enough to get a handle on the characters. This is no bedtime story, though. It contains very…

The Woods

Don’t go down in the woods. The first rule. The most important rule.