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Luck And The Undead Horse

I’m going to tell you a gaming story. But it isn’t really about gaming. It is just the best way for me to express why I’m angry. Okay. Not angry. Just… irritated. Irritated because there are a few, truly lucky people in the world….

The Daily Riff 4/16/18

Looks like the return of creepy….

Aligning The Stars

Ooo, time for me to say something crazy…. Live as though you already have the life you are dreaming of. I like that face you’re making. It’s the whole reason I have this adorable habit of circling the point (you know, like a vulture…

The Daily Riff 4/13/18

Ah yes. I have received the pirate pack. Let the weirdness commence. Also, I’m going to start posting what I write the for the riff the day after. So more weirdnes!!!

The Daily Riff 4/12/18

Ooo, I’ve always wanted to use Amontilado 😁 Tips