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The Daily Riff 8/14/18

The whole point of the Daily Riff is to provide a moment of inspiration, an opening line to a song only you can write. A bit of back story on this habit of mine: When I first started writing, my best friend always had…

The Red Queen’s Lost Grave Pt. 5

Dirty, wet, stinking trash built into walls, bits of forgotten wood and metal forming narrow, crooked lanes, like little streets down in the dark places, where respectable people did not go. A pale flicker, dirty bare feet and a ragged gray hem, that is…

The Daily Riff 5/13/18

I’m starting to feel like the white rabbit. I’m late! I’m late! Lol, here’s the riff!

The Daily Riff 5/11/18

I owe you all an apology! I was so tired last night I passed out and didn’t post. But I’m giving you this and a hint. There is something new on the way 😉

The Daily Riff 5/9/18

What a day! I have the posts for Skylar’s blog and the in depth examination of my commonplace book, section one, but, alas, I did not get them edited. They’ll be up tomorrow. In the meantime, drinks are good!