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The Daily Riff

The Daily riff is changing! Don’t worry, this is a good thing, I promise. But it does mean that it will be offline for another day or so. I will explain and I think you are going to really enjoy this πŸ˜‰

The Idle Writer

I think the best piece of writing advice – besides embracing my own life – that I ever got was to be idle. Now, this is something I used to do naturally, back when I first started writing. I would pause before putting pen…

The Red Queen’s Lost Grave Pt.3

β€œWhat you are looking for is beyond stories.” The Gravedigger whispered in his dry voice, like dead leaves scraping over asphalt. The glitter of his eyes was cold. Heartless stars in the dead black of night. β€œYou will not find it in the confines…

Divided We Fall

Okay, so I’m trying to finish Bone Deep and get a real understanding of what I’ve gotten myself into with this book – not only are there skinwalkers, but there is a powerful, Native American medicine man in this with Eva and I really…

Watch “Happy Huskies!” on YouTube

Spring has arrived (finally) and with it comes a new, fun connection πŸ˜‰