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Shine On!

Listen to the newest episode of my podcast, The Dragon’s Nest: Shine On https://anchor.fm/thedragonsnest/episodes/Shine-On-e1iubu

Be Not Afraid

The role of the writer is to say what we cannot. -Annis Nin I’m paraphrasing here. I’m still wrapped up in book drama. But I’m here for a minute on this very short post to just point out a few things. I am a…

Stand Up


The Daily Riff 5/11/18

I owe you all an apology! I was so tired last night I passed out and didn’t post. But I’m giving you this and a hint. There is something new on the way 😉

The Daily Riff 5/9/18

What a day! I have the posts for Skylar’s blog and the in depth examination of my commonplace book, section one, but, alas, I did not get them edited. They’ll be up tomorrow. In the meantime, drinks are good!