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The Daily Riff 5/11/18

I owe you all an apology! I was so tired last night I passed out and didn’t post. But I’m giving you this and a hint. There is something new on the way 😉

Watch “Happy Huskies!” on YouTube

Spring has arrived (finally) and with it comes a new, fun connection 😉

The Uncommon Commonplace Book

Okay, so I have this method of prewriting that we are going to be talking about for the next week or so. Mostly because I have a whole lot of methods I cover in Muse Therapy, but this one is something I suggest all…

The Daily Riff 4/6/18

Hoping to get back tomorrow… though you may only get a full dissertation on editing and the page I’m turning in my future writing.

The Daily Riff 5/4/18

I’m doing something a bit different for this today; this poem is my favorite of Maya Angelou’s, so I’m giving you my favorite chunk for the Riff! You may write me down in history With your bitter, twisted lies, You may trod me in…