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I break. Right here, right now in this parking lot full of rain reflecting the gunmetal sky. I break because this is the last bookstore standing at the end of an ill tended parking lot. I break because I came home, but it isn’t…

The Daily Riff

The Daily riff is changing! Don’t worry, this is a good thing, I promise. But it does mean that it will be offline for another day or so. I will explain and I think you are going to really enjoy this 😉

The Daily Riff 8/6/18

Being Naked

If you’re going to write, expose your soul. I still remember the first time I came across the term ‘write naked’. I was a teenager, so, of course, my brain went right into the gutter. I was shy and a bit terrified of my…

The Value Of Silence

Silence is one of the major thresholds of the world. – Anam Cara I’m a talker. Like, the second I meet you, I’m trying to work my life story into the conversation. I’ll start babbling on about my dogs, horses I’ve ridden, every character…