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Stand Up


Divided We Fall

Okay, so I’m trying to finish Bone Deep and get a real understanding of what I’ve gotten myself into with this book – not only are there skinwalkers, but there is a powerful, Native American medicine man in this with Eva and I really…

She’s Back

Okay. Number one! Total trigger warning. Eva is not very nice. Her language is sometimes pretty ugly. She is, without doubt, the strangest little girl that has ever come out of my head. And that is saying something. This is the beginning of Bone…

The Daily Riff 4/16/18

Looks like the return of creepy….

Patron Of The Arts

Pretty snazzy title, huh? Want it? Lol, so here’s what’s happening, folks. I’ve got this brand new Patreon site and my first Patron – Thank You CB! I’m looking for more supporters and, yes, you’ll give me money. But you get some awesome stuff…