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Bone Deep: Chapter 1

So here’s the deal. The first quarter of this book will be available to the public. If you enjoy it, head over to Patreon and become a patron. The full book will be available in rough draft form along with other exclusive materials. All…

Bone Deep: Prologue

This is what it’s like to be strangled. Thick, strong fingers close off your air. The entire world narrows to the burning in your lungs as they begin to scream for air and the pain of those fingers crushing your throat. Your brain begins…

The Daily Riff 4/13/18

Ah yes. I have received the pirate pack. Let the weirdness commence. Also, I’m going to start posting what I write the for the riff the day after. So more weirdnes!!!

The Daily Riff 4/4/18

The creepy is strong this week.

Cute But Evil

Just copying my fb author post. Most of you dont know me. If you’ve followed my wattpad links, you know the first three chapters of Getting Thin is free there. But, more than likely, you don’t know me from Stephanie. So I’m going to…