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The Red Queen’s Lost Grave Pt. 5

Dirty, wet, stinking trash built into walls, bits of forgotten wood and metal forming narrow, crooked lanes, like little streets down in the dark places, where respectable people did not go. A pale flicker, dirty bare feet and a ragged gray hem, that is…

The Red Queen’s Lost Grave Pt.4

Still for Kat of the Lily Cafe! The Red Queen’s Lost Grave Part 4   “A collar and a bell. Collar and bell.” Tick, tick, tick went Hook’s mustache. I said nothing of the horror those words woke in me. A name. A collar….

Shine On!

Listen to the newest episode of my podcast, The Dragon’s Nest: Shine On https://anchor.fm/thedragonsnest/episodes/Shine-On-e1iubu

Be Not Afraid

The role of the writer is to say what we cannot. -Annis Nin I’m paraphrasing here. I’m still wrapped up in book drama. But I’m here for a minute on this very short post to just point out a few things. I am a…

Stand Up