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Bone Deep: Chapter Two

All material contained within this post is copyrighted and may not be reproduced in any way without written permission from the author.     “That took courage. Running out into the woods like that, at night.” I turn to look at him. The gun…

Bone Deep: Prologue

This is what it’s like to be strangled. Thick, strong fingers close off your air. The entire world narrows to the burning in your lungs as they begin to scream for air and the pain of those fingers crushing your throat. Your brain begins…

The Red Queen’s Lost Grave Pt. 5

Dirty, wet, stinking trash built into walls, bits of forgotten wood and metal forming narrow, crooked lanes, like little streets down in the dark places, where respectable people did not go. A pale flicker, dirty bare feet and a ragged gray hem, that is…

The Red Queen’s Lost Grave Pt.4

Still for Kat of the Lily Cafe! The Red Queen’s Lost Grave Part 4   “A collar and a bell. Collar and bell.” Tick, tick, tick went Hook’s mustache. I said nothing of the horror those words woke in me. A name. A collar….

Shine On!

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