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Penguins Pt. 1

Originally posted on Sky's The Limit:
What a weekend. I hope everyone else’s was awesome. Mine could have gone worse. Do you believe me? Yeah. Me either. At least I’m not alone in this. I’ll start with Friday, before the sun went down.…

The Epic Bad Day

Originally posted on Sky's The Limit:
I will not panic! I won’t. I refuse. Okay. So maybe I’m panicking just a little. So, yeah, I have this teacher. Mr. Marco. He’s above and beyond a jerk. Like, really, just a terrible person. He…

Daily Riff Pause

Sorry, guys! I’m so deep in edits I’m not ready to stop, so we’re taking a riff break today. It is entirely possible I have multiple posts planned for tomorrow, one of which is dedicated to the Lilly Cafe’s own Kat. Just maybe We’ll…

Werewolves In The Park

Originally posted on Sky's The Limit:
I hate her. Meg, of course. She took that picture. I’ve cropped it to look less like I’m trying to be sexy. But it’s here for context. I mean, I’m trying to be nice to her, for…

Fluffy Thoughts!

This happy thought is for you, Kat!