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Okay, I swear I’m not ghosting anyone! Bone Deep is approaching its release date and I’m crazy busy preparing it. I thought I’d be happy by now. True to form, I’m not, lol. I WILL be back after Saturday (the book must be finished…

Who’s Going Live???

HAHAHA, yeah, not me. My gorgeous, sassy huskies will be making live appearances on Patreon starting next week! Tonight’s posts will be up one my laptop is charged.

Watch “Happy Huskies!” on YouTube

Spring has arrived (finally) and with it comes a new, fun connection 😉

The Uncommon Commonplace Book

Okay, so I have this method of prewriting that we are going to be talking about for the next week or so. Mostly because I have a whole lot of methods I cover in Muse Therapy, but this one is something I suggest all…

Art Of Happiness Blog Series

I’m just about to start a new blog series 😀 The Art Of Happiness Intro