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Character Blog!

So, Skylar Payne has her own blog! YAY!!! Party hats all around! Here, have a link on me! Sky’s The Limit

Character Blogs

So lets talk Character Blogs. I didn’t even know this was a thing until someone posted in one of the creative groups on Facebook. I have to admit, the idea of it excites me to a stupid degree. I mean, I’ve read the business…

Far, Far Away: The Raven (pt1)

So, I meant to publish the whole thing, but it is getting kind of big, so I’m just going to let it out a bit at a time. After Damsel and the Riff, I’ve certainly gave you enough to read today. Sorry for the…

Damsel In Distress (actual story)

I am not evil. I am just a little twisted. But I am going to do something a little mean… Damsel In Distress There are certain things about Happily Ever After that require willful stupidity. It comes with a prince and a palace and…

Damsel In Distress