Twisted Fairytales

So I’m doing this thing. I’m launching t-shirts and (eventually) hoodies under a line called ‘Twisted Fairytales’. But, as I was creating the merchandise for Amazon Merch (because I’m not charging anyone $40 for a t-shirt elsewhere), it occurred to me that I could put my word designs on coffee mugs as well. So here’s my first coffee mug! There will be a lot more of these in the future if people like it, but I thought this would be a good one to start with 😉 The link is below!

Caution! I breathe Fire Coffee Mug

18 Comments on “Twisted Fairytales

  1. Haha, I love it! I don’t drink coffee, but I sometimes feel this way before chocolate. I can just imagine all the chocolate I can stuff into it…my dentist is going to LOVE me!

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    • Right? I may just move the whole thing to zazzle. It’s five dollars more for their basic tee and I make less, but you’d have a bunch more styles to choose and I can put up more than one a day. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll see how they sell first. All of it is meant to tie in with my writing style and help fund my writing.

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      • With so many resources available, why can’t there be something that combines them? The best of two worlds. Though that’s probably asking too much of this society. The people who don’t need money have all of it and the people who can use it are constantly screwed. Best of luck, and I’m looking forward to those shirts! My husband is always trying to talk me into getting new clothes…

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      • Lol, its up now, im just about to put up the link post for it. It’s live!

        I don’t know why Amazon has the weird rules they do. They do a quality/copyright check, so that may be the difference. I just wish they had a few better options, like v-neck.

        New clothes means shopping. *hides under bed*

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      • It’s like publishing through KDP. Slooooooow. And annoying. You’d think a company as large as Amazon would be more efficient, but they seem to enjoy dragging their heels. And their Kindle Scout program was worse. I’ve spent 3 months of more waiting to see if a book I nominated was published!

        Oh, I’ve been hiding under the bed for 3 years just to avoid shopping! There isn’t enough time in the world for me to say how much I hate it. But I just got rid of a ton of clothes, so, sadly, I need something to wear!

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      • Me, too! Time to go to the mall? Let’s give the kids a bath first! Shop online? But I can’t try it on… I shouldn’t smile, but sometimes I love giving my husband headaches. In my defense, he was warned by everyone.

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      • I used to do ninjutsu. You would think the smallish redhead would be great at it. But I really wasn’t. I a, so much better at the more straight forward, violent methods like Kempo. Not real sure why…. But I do love my gi! I have no idea why it’s so comfortable. But it is!

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