The Epic Bad Day

Ah yes. To be a teenager again. Yeah, no thanks.

Sky's The Limit

I will not panic! I won’t. I refuse. Okay. So maybe I’m panicking just a little.

So, yeah, I have this teacher. Mr. Marco. He’s above and beyond a jerk. Like, really, just a terrible person. He used to take great pleasure standing me in front of the class making fun of me, not just for being bad at science, but as if my existence on earth had done him some personal insult. Yeah. Total D-bag, as Tai once said.

So, anyway, I had this assignment due and, like, I’ve been so much better since Tai and I got back. Partially because he helps me with my studying and explains the stuff Mr. Marco wouldn’t, not even if I asked. I know, I sound like a regular kid, oh my teacher is sooo mean. Whatever. This guy is the guy that everyone realizes too late was, like, using his phone…

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