The Daily Riff 4/20/18

Today is for pretty things 😁

7 Comments on “The Daily Riff 4/20/18

  1. Okay, going to go find my wind catching net. My brother sometimes thinks I’m a witch, so here’s to hoping my spell works this time! Come on, froggy!

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      • Hmm, well let’s see, I know there is one called the wishing tree and that’s good. I used to read things like The Phantom Tollbooth. Even if it’s too old for them, they will still listen and you’ll be building vocabulary. Also, try the Serendipity books. They are old, but very lovely to read I’ll try to put the link to a place that has them.|dm&pcrid=160335375585&pkw=&pmt=b&plc=&gclid=CjwKCAjwwuvWBRBZEiwALXqjw2q5ieG3NlfGeTCKojgH3O7-HZ0eOTk6yN0bbYzBqzLFO9_A68-MMBoC8UQQAvD_BwE

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      • I’ve never heard of the Serendipity books, but, after taking a look, where have they been all my life????

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      • I remember how wonderful they were. I would still sneak into the basement to dig them out and read them when I was a teenager. I absolutely suggest them. They might have a few things that are outdated here and there, but the message was always a positive one!

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