Daily Riff Pause

Sorry, guys! I’m so deep in edits I’m not ready to stop, so we’re taking a riff break today. It is entirely possible I have multiple posts planned for tomorrow, one of which is dedicated to the Lilly Cafe’s own Kat. Just maybe We’ll find out what happened to the red queen’s grave πŸ˜‰

4 Comments on “Daily Riff Pause

  1. Sad face, but I totally understand that editing bug. Can’t wait to do tons of reading tomorrow, though I’m a little terrified of finding out what happened to that grave…though I am touched that you’re dedicating a story to me! So very sweet and what an honor from someone whose writings I absolutely adore (even if they leave me staring into dark shadows in the middle of the night).

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      • I’ve never read steampunk, but one of my friends raves about it, so I’m looking forward to your story!

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      • The steampunk, for me, is all background. My characters run the show, lol. It should be up after the radio thing. I have to type it and I meant to do it earlier. but got hung up. If it doesn’t get up tonight, it is just because I get a lot of headaches at night. But it will definitely be up within the next 24 hours!

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