Werewolves In The Park

Okay, so, just a note. Of course this is fiction and of course it is copyrighted. Beneath a Separate Sky, the book that precludes this is available on Amazon.

Also. About the pictures. It is difficult, unfortunately, to find a proper picture of Sky without stealing. I get my pics from Dreamstime and they are copyrighted as well. It is important to note that this picture is only a representation of Sky, not what she truly is. She is a tall girl, a bigger boned girl, and both her and me are good with that. If you don’t like the curvier type of woman being empowered, Sky is not for you; she’s like Zena reborn and I like her like that.

Sky's The Limit

I hate her.

Meg, of course.

She took that picture. I’ve cropped it to look less like I’m trying to be sexy. But it’s here for context.

I mean, I’m trying to be nice to her, for Tai’s sake. But today. If I thought she was going to try and make friends with me, I sure was wrong.

God Damnit. Even Tai knows I’ll get pissed if he takes my picture without me knowing. That one time it was okay. But this. I guess maybe she felt left out? Tai was holding the heavy bag so I could do some warm up kicks. I didn’t even know she was there. Tai doesn’t worry too much about his camera at Lucky’s; you need a key to get in and nobody in there is interested it stealing from anyone else. Sometimes, when Lucky is showing me stuff, Tai will grab his camera…

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