Muse Therapy

I don’t write posts about how to be a writer very often. It isn’t my ‘thing’. However, over the twenty years since I first started taking my writing seriously, I’ve helped a lot of other writers overcome writer’s block and become more of the writer they want to be through focused counseling. I do it so much and love it so much that I’ve decided to try something new.

I am now running a little give back event. Eventually, this will turn into a full program, but I’m just trying it out on a small scale first. This is a test as I don’t have a concrete plan yet. But I’ve already started and it’s going very well, so I’m going to start offering it on all my platforms and try to get 3 or 4 more people involved.

I’m doing this test for $30 dollars per person. Here is what that includes:

6 60 minute, one on one phone calls where we talk about your writing. Stuck? I’m here to help. Not stuck, but feeling lost? Here for you. This includes the ability to text me if you get low. I’d like to do this in a two week time frame, but, if you’re busy, we can spread it out more.

Personalized plan and emails to help get you on track and teach you ways to stay there without me. Yes. I want you to never need me again.

A talk about what you want – indie or traditional publishing – and help forming a plan. I do know some cover artists and I do some editing myself as well as know other, better editors. And I’ve tested a lot of the marketing. Good news, there are some cheaper plans that work way, way better than you’d think.

An NDA. I will not sell, share, or use anything that passes between us. Especially the writing. As with traditional therapy, everything that goes between us will be confidential.

What this does not include:

English lessons. I can give them, but my focus is on helping you find your voice and style, not giving you lectures on technical writing. If you can’t spell, there are other programs for that.

A magic pill. If you write, you already know it doesn’t exist. I can help you. But it won’t be instant and you have to want that help.

Fluffy unicorns and rainbows. I try my best to raise people up, I love to help, but I’m not going to lie to you.

A buy it now or lose it forever deal. HA! No. Just… No. This is just me trying to help other writers get better.

I have a talent for helping people reconnect with their muse. Eventually, yes, the price will go up. But, right now, I’m working the bugs out. This is not me offering to fix you. Yeah. No. This is me offering to help you through. If you want to get free of the block, it will take effort on your part. But I have all the tools. How do I know? There is no form of writer’s block I have not suffered through and fixed on my own (painfully floundering until I find something that works).

Writer’s block isn’t something I’d wish on my worst enemy, never mind a fellow writer. The only thing I need from your side is communication and a testimonial if it gets you closer to your goal. If you’re interested, message me 😊

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