Here’s the deal. I’ve already written this book. Not intentionally, either. Yes. I wrote a book on accident. Welcome to my weirdness. It isn’t my usual fiction; it is a book about creating happiness in your life with what you possess right now.

This started as a gratitude journal then, somewhere along the way, it became this oddball guide to happiness and life. I have an idea it might have been directed at my niece as I see in her a lot of my old tendencies.

Weirdly – or maybe not – it’s pretty good. I’m not a doctor. I’m not even a life coach, although that is something I’m considering as I have this love for helping people change their negative thinking to positive and get on track. My question is, does anyone think something like a non professional – but life heavy – guide to happiness would do anyone any good?

4 Comments on “Thoughts?

  1. I think a lot of people have published their guides to life/happiness without stopping to ask the question you just did. So you are one big step ahead there! You have already taken pains not to represent youself as an expert/doctor/life coach, and as long as you’re honest about where this comes from and what you’re offering, I think it could do good.

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    • Awesome! Thank you so much for your response. I’m looking into becoming a life coach, heavy focus on writing and creativity, but I’m just starting to test those waters. This book that wasn’t supposed to be a book is just a written version of what I already say to my nieces (And myself) all the time, lmao. Weird, but true.

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  2. I agree with Roderick. Self-help books are popular, but what you have that many professionals who write those books might not is the actually experience. People may be more interested in your book because you have lived the life they are living, so they can identify with you and your journey and take what you have to say more seriously. Credentials are important, but I would argue that life experience is just as or more so.

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    • I’m going to start typing it tomorrow. And I am actually going to pursue the creative coach/therapist angle as well. I knew I wanted to help people and helping with writers block or providing a sounding board/understanding ear is a huge draw. I was feeling a little lost about my psych major, but I’m starting to understand I just need to use what I already have – so much creative understanding – to make myself helpful to my peers. I still refuse to do a writing instruction blog, though 🤣

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